High Country Impact Fund

High Country Impact Fund

Investing and Growing Businesses in the High Country


Providing capital and leadership to companies in the High Country.

The High Country Impact Fund provides funding and support to seed early stage, high growth companies in the High Country. The Fund aims to deliver attractive financial returns to its investors, create good, high-paying jobs and establish access to emerging sector opportunities throughout the region.  We typically invest $35k-$100k at the seed stage, are actively involved with the founders to help them build successful companies, and may provide larger follow-on investments.

  • Members are residents of or have interests in the High Country area
  • The fund is structured as a member-managed group, meaning that the membership makes investment decisions on behalf of the fund. 
  • In addition to the capital invested by the fund, members may invest additional capital on a deal by deal basis based upon their individual preferences

By providing capital and leadership, the Fund will positively impact the growth and sustainability of the High Country and it’s surrounding areas. 




164 Depot Street
Boone, NC 28607


(828) 278-9306


Unlike anything else you can do with your money, Angel investing offers the opportunity to experience and invest in innovation directly.


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